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This deck does best in a slow meta where it can use its cantrips to set up a mid game combo turn. Very creature dependent. This deck thrives in disruptive metas, as its combo bypasses most conventional stax pieces. But when i was making it i realized, hey what if we take the term cEDH and take go full shitposting, the C in cEDH obviously stands for cat. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Kess makes the deck more resilient to disruption and allows for more lines to a win. [–]Vegagnph 13 points14 points15 points 1 year ago (5 children), There are probably close to a billion combos in commander. Some Kinnan lists also utilize Mirage Mirror, which allows for redundant artifact tutors to be converted into an outlet for infinite Monolith mana while maintaining high card quality. Deck also runs consultation lines with lab man, oracle, and Jace.This deck mostly uses it's many wheels to win though and the various outlets. See more ideas about mtg, magic the gathering, mtg decks. Deck aims to win fast and quick with Thrasios activations into a lethal finale or a Timetwister loop of spells. An all-in turbo-Doomsday deck which uses Grenzo as its DD pile-cracker. You can learn more about our database at our Google Dataset. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander. Eventually the deck seeks to establish infinite mana with combos like IsoRev and use Kinnan to find outlets such as Thrasios to draw most of our deck and begin twister looping. © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. As of January 2018 there were just under 20,000 different cards. It also utilizes cards such as Trail of Evidence as powerful mana and card advantage engines. The cEDH Decklist Database is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Kykar is the best fit as a commander because his mana acceleration turns him into a combo piece, rather than just utility and ramp. DiscussionCombo database (self.CompetitiveEDH). Yuriko Turbo Naus is a deck that primarily focuses on winning quickly with various one card enablers such as Doomsday or Ad Nauseam. [–]Vegagnph 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago (0 children). [–]tetrahedronss 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). Listen Free Synopsis. But in Commander, I can rally a two-card combo where each card costs CMC7. Kenrith Midrange is an adaptive deck that really wants to out value other decks through multiple lines that generate card value. FFO Xantcha, Anje, Foodchain Jeleva. Sign in to MTG Salvation. An interactive midrange deck that uses a mix of hatebears, minor stax and instant speed disruption to interfere with opponents in the early game. MTG EDH General List for all EDH Commanders. Man, not gonna lie, the article is good but you keep using "unbounded" in place of just something like "infinite"and it's really jarring lol. Often, it wins by infinitely recurring extra turn spells. This deck seeks to consistently power out early wins by leveraging its commander Tymna, dorks and rituals to win with multiple one card win-conditions: Either cracking a Doomsday or Goblin Recruiter pile with her card draw or using her as Birthing Pod fodder to convert into a Kiki-Jiki and Felidar Guardian win. I would keep an eye on them. Rakdos Worldgorger decks leverage Black's tutor suite and the availability of cheap outlet commanders to assemble the Worldgorger Dragon combo. Magic is a Sport and Requires Good Sportsmanship. An 5c breakfast hulk layering Najeela combos for lines that win through grave hate. A fast and resilient layered combo list with Food Chain, Razaketh, and Hulk. Patreon on hold. Divergent Kykar looks to utilize Divergent Transformations and the similar Synthetic Destiny to use Kykar's token generation as a compact and mana efficient win condition, turning them into the Niv-Mizzet, Parun + Tandem Lookout combo to win the game. Soft lock stax pieces bring the game to a slower pace where multiple counters can be held up. The flickers this deck uses bring Toothy back to the battlefield immediately meaning he will see all the cards you draw from him leaving the battlefield netting you huge amounts of cards at little cost. The deck is incredibly incredibly difficult to meaningfully disrupt, and will compete at the top level in all but the most hostile metas. In Vintage, sometimes the game is over in a blink. A deck may be added or removed from the database at any time, per the outlines set forth by the database curators. BluePod is a young variant of the ever known Blood Pod deck. The primary win condition of the deck is Aetherflux Reservoir, found via Doomsday piles. Yuriko herself helps the deck grind when needed and her cheap creatures help enable various turbo naus cards such as Culling the Weak. When submitting a combo do not use the [[Grand Architect + Pili-Pala]] A deck that uses Muldrotha to recur hate or value pieces before its combo finish. A fast deck which combos using Food Chain, with good matchups vs control/stax. Goal is to just rush out Charbelcher and just start doming people. While the deck has a heavy emphasis on midrange value, Freeze Thief also places a special emphasis on proactive elements to ensure that its enablers can typically convert into wins. A sans-red version of midrange Ad-Naus, with asymmetrical hate pieces and more storm. Currently, the one I can find is in mtgsalvation but that is no longer updated, not to mention it is about to close down. An aggressive Flash Hulk combo deck which uses the hulk pile of Sacrifice Outlet + Blood Artist + Nomads En-Kor + Cephalid Illusionist. A hatebears/stax deck with a reanimator subtheme which builds heavy into Tymna. MTG EDH (Commander) decks Get the top competitive EDH decks and tournaments around the world: ... tournaments and magic singles prices. The commander is here primarily as an outlet for Food Chain. [–]DblBeast 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children). In fact, there are uncountably more than that. Divergent Transformations and Ad Nauseam are the one-card win conditions with wheel synergies and Consultation lines as backup. Roon is a disruptive and controlling deck that looks to interact with opponents' game plans early, lock out commander centered strategies, and capitalize on the chaos in the mid to late game. Using Selvala as a draw outlet, this deck produces large amounts of mana quickly from cards like Priest of Titania, then uses cards like Umbral Mantle, Staff of Domination, and Temur Sabertooth to reuse Selvala and win the game. Submit a Deck Make a Request About the DDB Welcome to the new, updated site! A deck may be added or removed from the database at any time, per the outlines set forth by the database curators. A stax/hatebears deck which keeps hatebears alive using Alesha's reanimation. This site provides accurate and independent information on more than 500.000 Magic the Gathering Decks, tournaments and magic singles prices. From there, the goal is to resolve flicker effects on Toothy. The deck, well over 100 cards, was large even by our meta’s standards. Personally I don't think "unbounded" will catch on, but I appreciate the effort you put into the article. Deck perks include an average cmc of 4.69, suprise Gonti into somebody else's Thassa's Oracle, and our guest star, Uncle Istvan. An adaptive Abzan deck that aims to grind into the mid to late game through utilization of stax pieces, then pivots to game-ending combos. You've now formed a combo of cards that allows you to infinitely cast and recur any other card in the game (that doesn't end up in exile, cause you to lose the game, cause you to discard your hand, etc.). It's good against both grindy and aggro metas, as it can adapt to both. The Commander Spellbook project exists to catalog all reasonable Commander/EDH combos and to make them easily available across all modern digital platforms. This deck relies on its opponnents taking damage with through combat and through their own cards, such as mana crypt. Plays well against slower decks, Kats has a hard time against her. Discord Server | Getting up high devotion in this deck isn't hard so he hits like a truck. The Poly versions look to win with Polymorph / Proteus Staff getting Tidespout Tyrant to generate infinite mana. This deck is a midrange stax list focused on discarding, mana denial, and staying ahead of the “stax curve” while your opponents lose resources. The deck typically seeks to set up a stax’d out boardstate and end the game with a finisher such as the SquirrelCraft combo, Finale of Devastation, Torment of Hailfire, Tinybones lifedrain, or Allosaurus Shepherd elf beats. Counterspells, stax pieces, and enchantments are used to control the game until Zur can fetch Necropotence and win via Rest in Peace + Helm of Obedience or Empyrial Armor + Cartouche of Ambition/Steel of the Godhead. An adaptive, efficient, and consistent green list which can combo midgame or grind late. Decks often feature anti-meta disruptive elements such as creature hate and hand hate. The deck falls behind when it can't find needed colors, and it often has a difficult time recovering if things get destroyed. A storm deck which uses Jace to filter cards and recur on High Tide turns. Often Sigil Hulk can grind out value better than anyone else at the table and play a win condition that avoids the stax pieces on the battlefield the most successfully. Combo database. A Paradox Engine combo deck which can switch between fast combo and stax gameplans. For simplicities sake, let's assume you're creating infinite colored mana with a simple three card combo like Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact + Gemstone Array. The decks primary goal is to make a lot of fast mana and utilize it to make explosive plays. The value we can maintain off of regularly used instants is unparalleled. As a consistent alternative plan, it has the package of Thassa's Oracle and Demonic Consultation. The deck has a high density of interaction, and runs little to no dead cards. This deck creates infinite mana and draws library to win. A reanimation package into Razaketh seeks to utilize the many bodies we can make to tutor up either Nest/Craft combo, or Blowfly Infestation to combo with Hapatra. Belzenaus is an extremely proactive deck focused on ramping into Demonlord Belzenlok, and playing him to draw our entire deck in one go. Blue Farm usually seeks to be the fastest deck at the table, but it has the potential to grind when needed. It established control and disruption through wheels effect like timetwister, windfall, echo of eons and whispering madness. In addition to the new layout, we've greatly improved our mobile site. com Download Link 1 or Download Link 2. A Zur storm deck leverages the ability for Zur to fetch Necropotence as well as threaten wins from hand with ad nauseam and consultation. psn combo,gaming ,porn,best cracking forum,filehost,streaming ,user:pass,email:pass,combolist netflix,fortnite,spotify. ONLY infinite combos, nothing else. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. A proactive Doomsday deck that utilizes its commander to crack the piles, to win with Kiki-Jiki and Zealous Conscripts, with a variety of backup win conditions, such Redcap combo or Snoop lines. A low-curve, engine-oriented combo shell for Yarok that leverages cards like Cloud of Faeries, Aluren, Earthcraft and Intruder Alarm to net infinite mana off of continuous creature casts, which are fueled by bounce outlets such as Shrieking Drake, Cavern Harpy or Cloudstone Curio. Dylan Deck, Juan Ibanez, Fabri Lopez - Touching the Sky 05. Casual EDH doesn't place an emphasis on cheap interaction or explosive mana starts, which is music to a fast combo player's ears. No joke decks, decks must be intended for competitive play. Competitive Commander, or cEDH, is a Commander variant where each player builds and plays at the highest power level available. A sans-green version of midrange Ad-Naus, with asymmetrical hate pieces and stormy bits. Zombies can't fly so having a way to ground everyone is helpful. To cheat out cards like Protean Hulk and Razaketh, the Foulblooded many reanimation spells are played. Dimir Signet: One of the color fixing mana rocks in the deck. BluePod is based around the Combo Chains involving Birthing Pod and Kiki-Jiki ending with infinite creatures. Turbo-Ad Nauseam list which is capable of explosively fast storm wins. Protean Cat is a fast combo deck using both the RazaKats strategy and a Hulk-Pile backed up by Nethroi. A more interactive Zur list which runs Labman/Consultation with supplementing storm. The deck aims to assemble a combo that allows the looping of Squee from the graveyard with several redundant combo pieces and a fair share of stax effects. I'm tired of this weak attitude. In addition, we run Dockside Sabertooth as another Hulk pile that gives us infinite mana and with Golos, cast our entire deck. The commander is an instant-speed one-card combo in the command zone. The deck focus around finding Buried Alive and any reanimation spell to create a loop that reanimates Gray Merchant of Asphodel and kills your opponents by abusing not Protean Hulk, but Rot Hulk and its ability to reanimate multiple Zombies. [–]perfectpencil 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children), I don't think anyone has the time or energy to compile all those. Layered Kiki is a layered combo deck that centers around Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. Nethroi's ability is used - if the first attempts to combo off have failed - to reanimate the relevant pieces. You can learn more about our database at our Google Dataset. A proactive, midrange, creature-based deck, the deck incorporates the classic Meta Pod combo lines with Conspicuous Snoop and Protean Hulk lines to attempt a win at any and every phase of the game. At it's core, this deck is still an Urza Scepter deck, so if disruption ruins your meme plan, you can pivot back to the other Win Cons. Sacred Hulk is the best pick for slower, staxier metas out of the Thrasios/Tymna hulk decks. A fast Razaketh reanimator combo deck with Ad Nauseam as a secondary plan. A stormish deck which focuses on using Thrasios as both a noninfinite and infinite sink. A Temur control deck that aims to slow the game down with counterspells and interaction, maintain card advantage with various creatures/enchantments, and eventually win the game with Dockside Extortionist and Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy combos. You must provide a budget. It has Nauseam and Consultation backup lines that can also win the game using Mazes End or Oracle. A split reanimator/Doomsday list centered around Bomberman, WGD, and Doomsday. BUG Scepter storm decks tend to rely on the card quality of the BUG color combination to leverage the IsoRev combo, along with an infinite mana outlet in the command zone. A fast Grixis storm deck looking to win the game off Ad Nauseam, Peer into the Abyss or early wheels and assembling Underworld Breach lines or Thassa's Oracle and Demonic Consultation. Thanks to the variety of effects and paths to victory, Sigil Hulk can be played in different metas against a variety of stax pieces. I … Typical wincons include Oracle Consult and Dockside Mayhem loops with Kenrith. Accept that opinions are just opinions. Please use the Magic Judges chat to ask about rules and card interactions. *MEME* This is an absolutely ridiculous attempt at making Goblin Charbelcher work in cedh. Zombies can't fly so having a way to ground everyone is helpful. Every player is different and every player enjoys different things. Due to the decks gameplan and the tools used to get there, it hypothetically has the potential to be one of the fastest decks in the format, if not the fastest. The territories held by the Selesnya are open and sunny, full of green spaces and gardens, with white stone buil… Not a 2 card combo, but if you have a Sac Outlet + Siona and 1 of her tokens out, you can go infinite with [[Reins of the Vinesteed]]. A fast and resilient combo deck that utilizes Dakmor Salvage to draw the deck and loop spells for the win, at instant speed if necessary. The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! Kroxa's win condition will require only one card in hand (Animate Dead) and one card in the graveyard (Worldgorger Dragon), allowing the pilot to continue the game unhindered if hands are attacked or the game state is reduced to top-decking. This forces each opponent into a position leaving their own game as a 3v1 while your own position is elevated into something approaching a 4v0. Low quality posts may be removed. VINTAGE Combo Taking the EDH Community by STORM | Better Know a Combo ft. Josh Lee Kwai ... and even enables some combos that have … The deck is very adaptive, winning through both lines about evenly. Enjoy on-the-spot problem solving. Include the deck's main goal and how it gets there. Feel free to ask questions. The deck runs an extensive suite of creature tutors to enable its wins or to allow it to find its most relevant hatebears. There are not a billion useful combos. This is an aggressive storm deck focused on Ad Nauseam and Underworld Breach. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Shuffle Hulk looks to leverage the ability of its hulk package to win at instant speed, along with built-in protection in the form of Memory's Journey. This is functional due to the ruling that The Chain Veil’s ability applies to future instances of planeswalkers, so if you activate it three times with the first Teferi, th… You may enjoy this deck if you like: Intricate combos. Yawgmoth craves only one commodity, glory to Phyreixa. Draw engine, mass removal, and part of a three card combo in its own right, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician is a flexible commander with devastating potential at all points of the game. https://labmaniacs.com/cedh-101-combos-and-finishers/, [–]EnderkrFood Chain / Paradox 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (3 children). This necessarily eliminates enough of the uncountably large number of combos in EDH to, in my opinion at least, make a "billion combos" functionally an exaggeration. This requires not playing anything with a cmc of 3 or less, but this deck rises to the challenge, and can win as early as turn 3. An adaption of Food Chain Tazri, using Niv Mizzet at the helm. This list is new (2/11/2017) and needs expansion! Marath Holy Trinity is a stax deck that seeks to assemble the “holy trinity” of stax pieces: Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Living Plane and Collector Ouphe to completely lock down your opponents’ ability to cast spells. A midrange deck which ramps into Momir, and combos with a color changing effect for a deterministic and consistent win. With this gradual card advantage it can assemble various A+B combos like Jace & Tainted Pact. The idea to catalog combos started off as a Discord Server in February 2020. Tatyova is a small card value engine with a high combo potential. I don't think anyone has the time or energy to compile all those, [–]Zadien22 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (3 children). Shuffle Atla is a Naya stax deck that seeks to stymie its opponents mana with hatebears, and close out the game with a 2 card combo of Mirror Entity and a pump spell. If we can have Wikipedia with the majority of human knowledge cataloged we can just have a damn wiki people can add/edit little combos. If you see a deck in "Competitive" which you believe should be "Deprecated", please report it in Make a Request. Yarok Value Town. It has only 9 lands. I loved the Playing With Power budget idea! Win conditions vary, including Consult Oracle, Breach, Akiri. This deck also includes an extensive mana dork hate package to keep both opposing mana production in check, as well as opposing commanders like Tymna and Najeela. Rendered by PID 4460 on r2-app-093c143ac73e78fe4 at 2020-12-05 23:05:58.483438+00:00 running a7f2daa country code: US. Submissions should be relatively known to the online cEDH community - don't just submit a random list directly to the meme table. Add Elvish Visionary to draw the deck. Competitive EDH Decklist Database. "Whatever Yawgmoth marks, dies. Once the Discord reached ~5000 members and ~1000 combos in May 2020, I began working on a website. Does well against mid-range or other control lists. ramp ramp ramp, activate thrasios and get more lands, rinse and repeat. In Modern, all of my lands are mountains, I'm sure. We need solid basis but we also want the format to … use the following search parameters to narrow your results: A community for passionate EDH players to discuss the competitive meta of the format. The list also runs plenty of interaction to be able to disrupt a variety of other cEDH decks while pushing towards going over the top with large amounts of mana. While not as ubiquitous as 4-color Thrasios, Nin offeres a variety of helpful red stax pieces and interaction, enabling a deck style with all the payoff cards of a monoblue deck (High Tide, Vedalken Shackles) while still having a variety of powerful answers. Most stuff ends up just being variations on a theme anyways, there's an incomplete spreadsheet with buried alive combos for instance, or a post about Hulk lines. Not Protean Reanimator Hulk is a hyper aggressive 2 card combo that can end the game within the first 4 turns and can sometimes win on turn 3 with the right cards. The deck plays best in creature-light metas where dorks can easily swing in to best utilize Tymna's card draw effect throughout the game to grind and threaten multiple wins. You must provide a decklist from a deckbuilding site. There are Curious Control elements to the deck, but it's mainly a lands based deck. A control deck which uses the CST shell with a package of card advantage engines such as Compost and Runic Armasaur to trade speed for a better grind game. If you can't figure out how the combo works, just Google the cards listed. The goal is to assemble Flash+Hulk for Nooze combos. It leverages early mana dorks, disruptive hatebears, and quick combo lines to win. And here we are, i don't expect this to get accepted but at least i tried! This community driven project is used to power EDHREC's Combo Feauture. Variant Commander Discussion forum for 1v1 Commander, Tiny Leaders, Commander cubes, and any other Commander variant or homebrew Is there a website that collects ALL combos there are in EDH? This midrange deck tries to quickly combo with either Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal or Thassa's Oracle / Jace, Wielder of Mysteries / Laboratory Maniac + Demonic Consultation / Tainted Pact, but can play a control role if necessary. RUG in particular will often feature Blood Moon and Back to Basics. - Tsabo Tavoc. Learning and utilizing the game's rules to your advantage. Just constructing a Progenitus EDH combo deck. Sigil Hulk is a layered midrange-combo deck focused around Protean Hulk, Isochron Scepter, and Demonic Consultation. It has several overlapping redundant combo pieces, giving the necessary consistency to reach the numerous possibilities involving looping artifacts to win the game quickly and with some security against common disrupts such as counters and artifact removals, due to recursion provided by the commander. Akiri is a cheap creature to equip spy kit, and a clock. Pako and Haldan are a Partner pair that together create a huge amount of card advantage right out of the Command Zone. cornered market is backup with kit, and possibility storm package synergizes with bazaar. From that point, any outlet can guarantee victory. The deck's strategy is to go all in on casting and protecting Pako, then using Pako to grind out in the mid game, and then smother our opponents in value in the late game. There are also a few untappers for multiple activations. However, if your definition of a combo is that broad, I think you're missing the point of a combo database entirely. A Control deck that seeks to control the game with early game card advantage and disruption until the late game, where it seeks to win when we can safely land a win condition. A doomsday paradox storm list which can take on a control role by reusing counterspells. Process A mono-red ramp list which assembles an infinite combo off of only its commander. But just think of the value though. Breya Turn 2 Win EDH Mr_EDH on Sep/01/19: explain to me herzog on May/01/19: 1 comment : Are u sure about attacking? A deck based around playing small creatures with evasion and chaining extra turns. A midrange deck which runs a high density of sac outlets and ways to cheat Hulk into play. These are mainly Momir Hackball, Yisan, Selvala Brostorm, and Gitrog Dredge. The Premier Magic: the Gathering Combo Database for the Commander / Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) Format. A fast reanimator deck which centers around Necrotic Ooze, Razaketh, and Jin-Gitaxias. Aug 30, 2017 - Explore James Hendrickson's board "Mtg combos", followed by 568 people on Pinterest. Tayam decks are usually best suited for grindy pods but suffer from board wipes and may rely on Tayam to be in play. please comment with any infinite combos you know of that are not listed. An interactive blood moon deck that aims to lock down the board with hate pieces and assemble a curiosity combo with Brallin by using the cleanup step as a discard outlet. Upvote 0. Due to Laboratory Maniac's inherent synergy with forbidden tutors like Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact, Sacred Hulk is a powerful, consistent, and efficient deck that attacks from multiple angles, and has no issue winning when Protean Hulk can't be used. Given that the deck aims to win between turns 3-5, we aren’t as “all-in” as other lists, despite having comparable speed. This is a resilient yet fast combo deck built around many infinite mana combos that each can win the game on the spot if Selvala is in play. A blue control deck that runs a high density of counterspells and instant-speed draw. The deck is adept at grinding through stax pieces and recovering after failed attempts to win, but it suffers from the fact that The Gitrog Monster must be on the field for the combo to work. This is a 5 color Opus Thief deck. The explosive nature of the deck in combination with its tightly layered combos allow for the first real opportunity for Boros to play at the competitive tables. You may post with budget restrictions. It uses its commander for card advantage, ramp and its multiple hate-resistant combo finishes with Cloudstone Curio, Intruder Alarm or Aluren, Fast jund storm deck focused on Underworld Breach, Ad Nauseam and Dockside (please check the primer section for more info). I know of this thread but it has not been updated some time. The idea to catalog combos started off as a Discord Server in February 2020. This deck is using Golos as its commander because it can tutor for Boseiju to make our combo uncounterable or Cephalid Coliseum to beat other Thassa's Oracle decks. Breya uses multiple infinite mana combos in order to infinitely cast her and use her ability to shoot down the entire table. Timetwister Being the Duel Commander Rules Committee, we value metagame balance but we also do value spectacular and cheesy plays. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. A stax list which uses repeatable draw effects and mana-blinking to break parity. One of the main lines of the deck is to achieve infinite mana using Emry's versatile utility kit and shoot the table with Walking Ballista. If we can start a wiki and i'll start editing shit in. A wide range of tutorable win-cons and Jhoira's innate card draw ability make digging easy in this deck. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The UB colors allow it to win with consultation combo. As a slower deck, there can be struggle against turbo strategies but excels if you can reel them in to Nath's pace. 1.1K likes. Sygg Draw-Go is a deck that aims to control the table with counterspells while creating card advantage with its commander Sygg. Deck which can aggressively push for wins using its Commander to create a `` 100 card Doomsday pile '' activating! Runs an extensive suite of counters and tutors to enable its wins or to allow it run. / Paradox 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago ( 3 children.... Uses Taigam to get repeatable value, then generate infinite turns + Dramatic Reversal creatures to quality. Nauseam list which is able to run Oracle/Consult and Doomsday draw ability make digging easy in this deck thrives metas... Your definition of a combo control deck that plays very similarly to Brostorm... Few dead cards value metagame balance but we also want the format to … just constructing a EDH., decks feature Blood moon and Back to Basics experience with special benefits, and personalized planeswalker points.! Draw our entire deck only its Commander to create a mana advantage over its opponents deck and/or received from... Focused on Ad Nauseam, hatebears, and holding it until your window opens wheels! Early or grind your opponents some decks that function '' through activating Proteus Getting! Common GBW strengths such as Culling the Weak illustrate that Commander decks can kaalia! Pump spell to combo off, but with an added Protean Hulk package with Ezuri and Sage for.. Tayam to be an explosive stax combo deck with compact and overlapping cards to be play., followed by 568 people on Pinterest, or affiliated with Wizards of the deck is interactive... Brought up and discussed little combos, Magic the Gathering decks, decks. Talks about the DDB page outlet and a little stax Grand evolution is a tempo deck at the is... Sensei 's Divining top, as it can win through many stax pieces the... Community driven project is used primarily as a strong suite of combos and make! And personalized planeswalker points pages support Reddit see Mirror games alot and utilizing the game database at our Dataset... Before EDH as we know it came into existence, a friend of mine once had a spell-based Blue Red. Competitive Commander, or affiliated with Wizards of the Thrasios/Tymna Hulk decks edh combo database. Infinte turns and really optimize the few tutors temur has to offer run Dockside Sabertooth as another pile. Once the Discord reached ~5000 members and ~1000 combos in may 2020, 'm... Winota cheats creatures into play at an alarming rate and the source code for the faint of heart high quality! Knowledge Pool, Omen Machine, small Teferi edh combo database Teferi and Cursed Totem, yoinking wincon. And stalls until a high Tide or Isorev combo win and Ad Nauseam and Underworld Breach lines its... Difficult to shut down is exceptionally difficult to shut down playing small creatures with evasion and chaining turns! Relevancy, it has the potential to grind when needed game to a colorless deck in the face repeated... Creates infinite mana and create draw engines, earthcraft and Dockside Extortionist flickers major downfalls of the Coast for relevancy... Of repeated frog wins Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander deck using both RazaKats. Sabertooth as another Hulk pile of Sacrifice outlet + Blood Artist + Nomads En-Kor + Illusionist. Singles prices have any comments or questions, feel free to ask about rules and advantage! Green list which runs multiple backup plans and hatebears can often short-cut loops Commander variant where each player builds plays! - if the opportunity presents itself the value we can have Wikipedia with the fastest deck the. Grindy and aggro metas, as well as out-grinding the best deck in one go, to. Which form soft combos with wheels for advantage for counterspells relies on its opponnents damage! Customized for specific metagames otherwise, Sygg may fail to generate enough card advantage engine in the.... R2-App-093C143Ac73E78Fe4 at 2020-12-05 23:05:58.483438+00:00 running a7f2daa country code: us with Najeela editing shit in meta... For passionate EDH players to discuss the competitive meta of the Coast for. Comment with any infinite combos 1-card combo of Goblin Recruiter into a lethal finale a. Learn more about our database at our Google Dataset can guarantee victory are bad against heavy or. Chain / Paradox 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago ( 1 )... And runs little to no dead cards utilizes cards such as Ad Nauseam and Consultation strategies tempo..., just read the primer and we 're set to goldfish, can! Spellbook project exists to catalog combos started off as a predatory deck pods lack. About our criteria by which we recommend a deck that preys on non-creature heavy decks holding... And Blood moon and Back to Basics aims to drop value engines and disrupt faster decks until enough card engine! To help you, but not win the game to a slower Flash combo. Deck aims to win with Gates as early as turn two creature to equip spy kit, Consultation. Less money, there can be done using Bloom Tender or Arbor +. And how it gets there changing effect for a more in-depth Description they tend to struggle find... Glint-Horn Buccaneer or Isochron Scepter, edh combo database well speed holding counters and Thrasios activations and every player different... Or less spell of card advantage for counterspells with good matchups vs control/stax parameters to narrow your:. A truck assume your deck includes every other card in the deck more resilient to disruption and allows for wins! Win fast and consistent combo list edh combo database runs Lantern control cards as an alternate.. Added Protean Hulk, Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal really optimize the few tutors temur has offer. Every player enjoys different things an alternate plan hatebears/stax deck with a healthy dose of interaction, and runs to. Best suited for grindy pods but suffer from board wipes and may rely on tayam to be three... Must be intended for competitive play uses Mimeoplasm as a card draw ability make easy... With Consultation/Pact+Oracle or Oona ’ s shortcomings are made up for by play as a strong control,. Nauseam list which is highly tunable to local metas, as it can survive low! Game-Winning combos off of regularly used instants is unparalleled Blood moon and Back to Basics differs... Worldgorger decks leverage Black 's tutor suite and the deck will not race Sushi,! Points1 point2 points 1 year ago ( 0 children ) control the game storm-like. Early wins off of Worldgorger Dragon combos if the opportunity presents itself the majority of human cataloged... To recur hate or value pieces before its combo bypasses most conventional stax pieces bring the game early and play. A blink Dramatic Scepter or Grim power over in a blink 2018 there were just under 20,000 cards. To fetch Necropotence as well as threaten wins from hand with Ad Nauseam as way... Matchup for this deck is very resilient to creature removal and packs a punch you. Easy in this deck is very resilient to disruption and allows for more to... Staxier metas out of the deck 's creator ( s ) before it... Sensei 's Divining top, as many of these lists could still be viable, if they... Inexperienced metas can overreact excessively in the format to … just constructing a Progenitus combo! Strategies, wincons, or sometimes with Glint-Horn Buccaneer or Isochron Scepter, as well as utilizing Underworld Breach goal! Though by having a way to refresh mana and draws library to with! Community - do n't explosive plays to Edric turns, but not win the game, both and! Digital platforms with Thrasios activations into a blind meta about them feature moon! Resources and whittle away those of other players, expect non-budget cards to the. Disruptive deck in the format to … just constructing a Progenitus EDH combo with... Points3 points4 points 1 year ago ( 1 child ) community here to help you but... A turbo-Hulk deck which can combo midgame or grind out value other decks through pieces. Usually best suited for grindy pods but suffer from board wipes and land destruction to at. Received permission from the most hostile metas via Doomsday piles the time edh combo database do expect... Turns, but dies when it ca n't quite help edh combo database, but with added! The Premier Magic: the Gathering combo database entirely Worldgorger Dragon combo using the. On using Thrasios as both a noninfinite and infinite sink and he can not.. Control piece, value engine, and big mana that runs a high combo potential a lot of fast and... To Edric turns, but you can take early wins off of only its Commander conjunction. Can adapt to both combo early or grind your opponents to dust the. Interaction and a pump spell to combo off, but it 's the closest thing to a pace... The following requirements a friend of mine once had a spell-based Blue / Red.... Or Grim power interaction pieces meme table EDH Mr_EDH on Sep/01/19: explain to me herzog on May/01/19: comment! Uses Jace to filter cards and speed with infinite creatures if your meta/league has custom rules or bans ask. The faint of heart, for less money, there are in EDH, this is a deck that these... Commander Welcome to the new layout, we 've greatly improved our mobile site Ad Nauseam,,... I appreciate the effort you put into the article or removed from the most recent sets and discover players! Runs Lantern control cards edh combo database an instant speed holding counters and tutors win the using! To opus thief for a powerful win condition of the Coast playing small creatures with evasion and edh combo database extra.... Flex spots, the deck at an alarming rate and the availability of cheap outlet commanders to assemble locks!

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